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Does the climate non-action by State and large enterprise actors and the superficial talk about sustainability and environment un-settle you and leave you reeling with a sense of helplessness?  While we urge governments and large corporations to act fast with policies and practices that shift the economy towards adopting renewables and reducing emissions, there are still a few things we can do as consumers in the market. One of the surest ways is to extend the active lifetime of products already in circulation by giving used products a new lease of life in your home and workplace. Here we share some useful information on where  you can find used products online within Germany, so you know where to look for your next purchase before you head over and expend more way more money to buy things which are only a tad more flashy, thanks to the marketing efforts, than their used counterparts.


Ebay is on place where you find used products quite easily and you probably know it, thanks to its huge popularity. It probably has the largest collection of products among all the other stores that are mentioned here and it would probably be the starting point for many and the last stop for most sustainable shoppers, who don’t know about the existence of other speciality re-commerce marketplaces.


Head over to Medien- und Elektronikartikel gebraucht online kaufen | if you are looking for your next laptop, phone, tablet, cameras or even camera lenses. They have really impressive price points on several Apple products and an interesting catalogue of camera and equipment that will leave you astonished at how economical it is to find seemingly expensive products. I hate when I sound like a salesman. But I am just a bit taken over by my recent experience shopping used electronics for a fraction of the price a new one would have cost. And I would have no hesitation shopping at the used markets in Germany where the return periods, warranties offered at several re-sellers and the consumer protection ecosystem and the honesty of Germans offset all the risks of shopping second-hand.

Another place that specialises in re-selling laptops is ThinkPads gebraucht kaufen: Laptops von Lenovo refurbished ( While I haven’t personally shopped there, as I’m no impulsive buyer, but have colleagues at tech support at my workplace who strongly vouch for them from their personal experience. With the possibility of an extended warranty of 2 years in some cases, the case for shopping used laptops is much stronger. Imagine all that good you’d be doing to the environment and diversity if you exercised your power as consumer to choose re-use every time reduce is not an option.


If you are someone conscious about sustainability, chances are you already have some familiarity with the damage fast-fashion industry does to our planet. And clothing is an unavoidable part of our lives and having great options to give a new lease of life to used merchandise in your wardrobe is a great step in the right direction to give our planet a chance. And you can take pride in exercising your power to counter any narratives set by the all powerful fashion industry lobbyist when you shop your essential clothing from resale counters, as long as you find one that comfortably fits. And used merchandise comes in as much variety as new ones, on momox fashion | Deutschlands größter Second Hand-Onlineshop für Mode & Accessoires , Exchange, sell and give away clothes | Vinted. The long list of places where one can find used merchandise in Germany is really impressive that you’d likely find what you are looking for on one of the platforms.

There is just one planet we call home and it needs as many of us to make an impact to protect it. While we may not be so powerful in changing the destiny of the health of our ecosystems individually, together when we make sustainable choices, we give time to our planet and its systems to build resilience. And while that may not be enough, it is also impossible to attain our sustainability goals without the active participation of the civil society either. 

I hope you make a decision to shop used products. The best way to convince yourself and dispel your lingering doubts, which we are naturally bound to have, is by shopping some low value product once to gain first hand experience. And if you are not disappointed by it, I’m sure you’ll be excited to make a re-commerce your mainstay where ever and whenever possible.

Also don’t miss out to check the following quora page for more suggestions on places to find used products online in Germany.

What website is used to sell used goods locally in Germany (craigslist of Germany)? – Quora  

And we hope you also consider as a partner when you think sustainability. While our site doesn’t have much to offer at the moment, we do hope you’d consider setting up your online store with us when you decide to sell or giveaway something within your local neighbourhood.  As a sustainable store aimed at promoting short supply chains, we have by design disabled delivery options. However, if you think you’d benefit with shipping options, we’d be happy to hear from you and customize our offering around your requirements.

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