Germany makes it easier to obtain EU Blue card for 2022


Find about the new changes to immigration rules by the German Federal Office of Migration and Refugees that make it easier for workers from third countries to migrate to Germany to take up skilled works.

That’s right! Germany has marginally lowered the minimum salary requirements necessary for issuing an EU Blue card by 0.7 %, as announced by Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Germany offers several modes for skilled workers with vocational training or university degrees from third countries to enter its labour market. Accordingly individuals who have secured a job offer from before arriving at Germany are now able to obtain an EU Blue Card in Germany as long as their gross annual wages are at least 56,400 euros (43,992 euros in cases of occupation in mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and human medicine (excluding dentistry). The earlier requirement for the year 2021 was to have minimum gross wages of at least 56,800 euros and 44,304 euros for the two cases above, respectively. The EU Blue Card facilitates increased mobility across Europe and periods of residence within other EU member states will continue to be counted for a permanent EU residence permit.

While the decision to lower the gross wage requirements is only marginal, it reflects the efforts to make it easier for foreign workers to obtain an EU Blue Card to address the labour shortages Germany is experiencing. 

It is noteworthy to mention that the EU Blue Card isn’t the only way for skilled workers to migrate to Germany. Germany has since March 2020 issued 30,200 visas to qualified specialists and trainees under the new legislation called the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, passed to quell the shortages in qualified skilled in areas where there is a lack of suitable talent within the local Germany and EU labour markets.

Find more information on the official page of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at

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